New After Effects error world record?

Posted by on Mrz 6, 2013 in Blog | 4 Comments
New After Effects error world record?


It’s one of those days again:

1541 render errors and 43 minutes to open up an AE project? Time for a jolly cup of tea.


  1. pixelschieber
    19. April 2013

    In this case i’d rather recommend a feierabend-beer…

  2. Jan
    13. Oktober 2013

    Haha, I remember that one! Axel, you’re just working too fast for the Gate.11 computers! ;)

  3. axel
    13. Oktober 2013

    No the computers at gate11 are pretty darn fast – how else could they accomplish 1541 errors during one render job???

    • Jan
      30. Oktober 2013